Scholarship Opportunities

Parishioner Tuition Assistance Fund

This Fund is intended to provide Catholic education tuition assistance to Our Lady of Peace parishioners and parish families who would otherwise not be able to attend Our Lady of Peace School.

Educational Choice Scholarships

Educational choice scholarships are meant for those families seeking a way to GO BEYOND their current educational situation and find an alternative means of achieving a higher degree of academic challenge. Scholarship recipients will be held to the standards and expectations of Our Lady of Peace School.

Scholarships are limited. Admission into Our Lady of Peace School is based on sole discretion of the Our Lady of Peace School Board of Directors.  At this time, the Center for Early Learning does not provide tuition assistance/scholarships.

Music Legacy

A scholarship fund has been established with an initial gift of $10,000.00 and has been called the Christ the Servant Music Legacy Scholarship Fund.

For the initial year (5) scholarships of up to $1000.00 per annum ($500.00 per semester) will be granted toward tuition assistance for students attending St. Thomas Aquinas High School/Middle School or Central Catholic High School.
Applicants must be children of active and participating family members of Christ the Servant Parish.

Applicants must be able to demonstrate a developing instrumental competency or proficiency.

Applicants must commit to the weekly preparation and participation for one of the weekend liturgical services at Christ the Servant, as assigned by the Director of Music. This will include Christmas and Holy Week/ Easter for a total of 40 liturgical assignments / or proportionate to the scholarship award.

Students must maintain a 3.0 grade point average or higher/ or its academic equivalency.

The scholarship is renewable for each semester and for each year providing that the particular student continues to meet the expectations/requirements of the scholarship agreement.

Selection of candidates will be made by the Pastor of Christ the Servant, the Director(s) of Music at Christ the Servant, and the recommendation of a current music instructor.

If you would like to contribute to the Christ the Servant Music Legacy Scholarship Fund, promoting the musical arts and sponsoring the education of our young people, please contact the parish office.  We will contact you personally.