Parish School of Religion (PSR)

 The Parish School of Religion at Christ the Servant is designed for students in grades K-8 and their families.  The program begins in the fall and will extend through mid May. 

To register contact Rita Kingsbury at the parish office (330-492-0757 extension 104) or email

Baptism is the door to all the sacraments.  Contact the parish office (330-492-0757) to learn more about Baptism for ALL ages.  Even children who are not yet baptized may participate in the Parish School of Religion

Students preparing to receive the sacraments of Reconciliation, Eucharist, and Confirmation are to be enrolled in a Catholic School or the Parish School of Religion for two years leading up to the sacrament.  Generally speaking, 1st Reconciliation and Communion happen in a student's 2nd grade year so they should be enrolled no later than their 1st grade year.  

Confirmation age for the Diocese of Youngstown is 8th grade. Christ the Servant has switched to an every other year Confirmation schedule. Please call Rita Kingsbury (330-492-0757 extension 107) or email 

The purpose of the parish school of religion is to provide opportunities for children ages 5-15 to recognize and respond to God’s revelation through the four signs of catechesis:

• Biblical signs: study of scripture as God’s presence in the past and continuing revelation in today’s world
• Liturgical signs: study of the Church year, sacraments, prayer and liturgy
• Ecclesial signs: study of the doctrine and creed of the Church as it witnesses God’s love through worship and service to those in need
• Natural signs: the mystery of God’s saving power and love as revealed through creation, family and community, stewardship, the arts, science and technology
The parish school of religion follows the guidelines set forth by the diocese as outlined in the Directory for Catechesis and the Curriculum for Catechesis. The Directory sets guidelines for:
• Approved texts
• Number of hours required per year (36hrs)
• Child protection guidelines
• A sequential guideline for topics to be taught each year