Liturgy Council

"As Servants of Christ, through the various Liturgical Ministries, we offer our gifts to one 
another with the mutual kindness and respect, providing and enhancing opportunities for prayerful worship and celebration.” 

Liturgy Ministry and Program Facilitators Please contact PJ Chavez or Mike Reed mreed if you would like to serve in any of the following programs/ministries for Liturgy.

Music Ministry: AJ and Mary Hoy
Sacramental Preparation Rita Kingsbury
Training of Servers: Fr. Kopp
Lectors: Ed McDonnell, Mary Jo Bowersox
Eucharistic Ministers: Michael Reed
Scheduling Liturgical Ministers: Michael Reed
Liturgy Environment: Lisa Sicker/Chris Mayberry
Liturgy Committee: Fr. Kopp
RCIA: Peter Schafer
Ushers: Michael Reed

Rite of Christian Initiation of Adults (RCIA)