Special Events and Hall Rentals

Included in Hall Only Rentals

  • 4 Hour Hall rental
  • Set up and clean up cost based on total number of people
The Gathering Room up to 75 people $200; $50 each additional hour
Seton Hall up to 200 people $500; $50 each additional hour
Alumni Hall 100-400 people $800; $50 each additional hour
Outside Pavilion N/A $100


Please call Mike Reed 330.575.3446 or email mreed@christtheservantparish.org for more information.

Monsignor's notes on Parish facility rentals

The use of the Gathering Place, which included Seton Hall, the Gathering Room and the Alumni Gym, occasionally needs clarification.

I believe that the Gathering Place still remains a benefit for our parish and school functions. Additionally, there are times it becomes a benefit for others when it can be rented. The use of the gym outside of school functions and parish functions should not be a liability to the parish or the school. What do I mean by that? The cost of electricity for lighting and air, heat, toilet paper, water, ice machine, maintenance, janitorial service, insurance for non parish and school functions, security, should not become a source of liability for the parish and school. In other words our parishioners should not have to pay for the privilege of a particular individual or particular group use of the facilities.

Example, if a private individual wants to use the facilities for a personal event, whether they are a parishioner or not, the sharing in the expense for that event should not be the parishes or the schools. If I were having an anniversary party for my brother and his wife, I would not expect to have the cost reduced for me, even though I am a parishioner – in fact the pastor. It should not be my expectation that Mrs. X who is a faithful steward in her sacrificial giving on Sunday, should be expected to help subsidize the cost of my using the facilities for my family.

The intention of the Gathering Place is to assist the parish and school, primarily for its own particular functions, but also to be a source of income for the parish and the school – it is not meant to reduce monies generated for the parish and the school. Do the facilities belong to the parishioners? – Most definitely – but they are held in trust for all the parishioners now and in the future. Can parishioners use the facilities? Most definitely – but at a reduced % of the cost that still enables us to maintain the facilities primarily for the parish and the school.