Christ the Servant Community Council

“The mission of the Community Council is to empower and enable parishioners to discern and respond to their baptismal call by serving, collaborating, and mutually supporting those ministries already occurring, to encourage new ministries to form, and to ensure the communication necessary for a shared vision and responsibility in serving the physical, spiritual, social, and educational needs of parishioners and members of our neighborhood community.”

Pastoral Leadership Core Team is comprised of the Pastor, the Core Pastoral team (Pastoral leaders), and the ten Pastoral Area Secretaries. This group meets to discuss the overall vision and implementation of ministry within the parish and to ensure collaboration among the Five Pastoral Areas, especially for parish wide events.

Peter Schafer pshafer
John Cihon
Msgr. Lew Gaetano

Pastoral Area Secretaries - Pastoral Area Secretaries ensure collaboration and communication among facilitators within their Pastoral Area and with the Secretaries of other Pastoral Areas. Their main goal is to empower and support the facilitators of the various ministries with their ministry or program needs and objectives.

Liturgy Secretaries: PJ Chavez and Mike Reed
Social Concern Secretaries: John Cihon and Teresa Golden McClelland
Education Secretaries:Jean Defazio, Elise Schafer and Rita Kingsbury
Parish Life Secretaries: Andrew Sarachman
Finance Ministry Council:Russell E. Phillips Jr. and Chris Ippolito
Ministry and Program Facilitators
Are listed in each Ministry Area for your convenience.

Liturgy Ministry and Program Facilitators Please contact  PJ Chavez or Mike Reed mreed if you would like to serve in any of the following programs/ministries for Liturgy.

Music Ministry: Kevin Vinci
Sacramental Preparation:Elise Schafer
Training of Servers: Msgr. Lew
Lectors: Ed McDonnell, Mary Jo Bowersox
Eucharistic Ministers: Michael Reed
Scheduling Liturgical Ministers: Michael Reed
Liturgy Environment:Linda Friedman
Liturgy Committee: Msgr. Lew
RCIA: Peter Schafer
Ushers: Michael Reed

Social Concerns Ministry and Program Facilitators
Please contact John Cihon or Teresa Golden McClelland if you would like to serve in any of the following programs/ministries for social concerns.

Sick, Homebound, & Nursing Homes: Rosemarie Houser, Ron Lenzer, Diane Wissuchek
Angel Tree: Scott & Jane Adkins
Giving Tree: Barb Menegay, and others
Respect Life: Tom and Kathy Baker
Baby Bottle (Coins) Collection: Tom and Kathy Baker
Hispanic /Migrant Ministry: Msgr. Lew
Homeless/Hunger Ministry: Rosemary Norton
Hope and Opportunities (Mental Health & Counseling): Teresa Golden-McClelland
Home Repair Assistance: John Cihon
Prison Ministry: Dan Toussant, Teresa Golden-McClelland, Cindy Zurbrugg-Heighway

Parish Life Ministry and Program Facilitator
Please contact  Andrew Sarachman if you would like to serve in any of the following programs/ministries for Parish Life.
Men’s Club: Drew Sarachman
Seniors Group: Jane Wheeler
Ladies Guild: Rosemarie Houser
Stewardship: Msgr. Lew
Buildings and Grounds: Frank Grisez
Stuffing Envelopes/Mailings: Office Staff and Volunteers
Bereavement/ Funeral Planning: Judy Bogdan
Marriage Preparation: Bill and Cindy Charles
Email Prayer Chain: Scott and Laura Berkeley
Sunday Fellowship (Coffee and Donuts): Ralph and Nancy Dublikar
Garden Club: Carole Fasano, Lenora Krueger
Knitting Club: Rosemarie Houser
Welcoming New Parishioners: Diane Russ
Greeters: Diane Russ
(Pre-school) Stories and Scripture: Elise Schafer
Mom’s Group (Women’s Ministry): Elise Schafer
Water & Wine: Miguel Chavez

Education Ministry and Program Facilitators
Please contact Jean DeFazio if you would like to serve in any of the following programs/ministries for Education
Parish School: Msgr. Lew, Kevin Henderson - Principal, Colette Hunter – Parental Involvement
Parish School of Religion: Rita Kingsbury and Elise Schafer 
Scripture Study: Jim Naegeli
Italian Classes: Lena Falcone
Adult Education: Jim Naegeli
Technology: Alicia Chiappini, Ray Chiappini

Finance Ministry Council Russell E. Phillips Jr.  and Chris Ippolito