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My prayer is that as you come to know us here at Christ the Servant, you will experience in our parish and school a welcoming family. We invite you to pray and celebrate with us, sharing in the enthusiasm and passion that comes with bringing the mission and ministry of Jesus to our acre of God’s world that we dedicate to Christ the Servant, Our Blessed Mother, Our Lady of Peace and to Saint Paul the Apostle to the Nations.

Msgr. Lewis F. Gaetano, D.Min.
Administrator and Pastor of Christ the Servant Parish

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    This letter was received from Pastor Marilyn from Hope Outreach Ministries.  We ask the Lord to continue to bless Hope Outreach and I ask our parishioners to once again renew if possible the commitment of bringing one non-perishable item to Mass with them (per family) each week.   Fr. Lew

    January 2016

    Christ the Servant Parish,

    Dear Friends,

    Hope Outreach opened four years ago in the north east neighborhood of Canton .God had led me to serve in one of the most under-served areas in Stark County. With twelve people and two small rooms we were able to feed and clothe our neighbors. In the beginning around twenty five people came and from then on God's plan took off. So many people said we would not make it there.    Many people were afraid that being in the "hood" was too dangerous! I would tell people God has his protection around us and besides to me the whole world is, the "hood"
    With much prayer and dependence on our Father I knew that we could accomplish what God had in his plans for us. My prayer was that he would send us much needed help. Many people have seen our need and have helped us in so many ways. A few months ago a great miracle happened and that was Christ the Servant Church opening their arms and hearts to our ministry! Our struggle has been great to continue to feed and clothe so many. We are now serving 900 meals a week during the four days we are open and maintaining a canned goods pantry allowing each person one can per day. Most days we were running out of food and the selection was mostly soup.
    I want to thank each and every one at your parish for all the food you are bringing, not just one time but all the time and let you know how grateful we all are! We are so thankful for your kindness and generosity for items that are expensive. You will never know how much a jar of peanut butter means to people. I also thank God for all the gloves, hats, scarves and countless donations of so many items that are being dropped off. Thank you for the love of so many donations of gift cards and hams and much needed toilet paper!
    As the Christmas season ended you all were a huge part of us having the biggest most wonderful Christmas celebration ever!
    In closing I want you to know that our mission and whole purpose is to do what Jesus told us to do and that is to take care of our brothers and sisters and show them unconditional love. Our main purpose is to lead many to the Lord and not only fill them with the physical food but the spiritual food! Through you all at Christ the Servant we now have a partnership in fulfilling that mission and we thank God for you so much!
    God Is Faithful!

    In His Love,
    Pastor Marilyn



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