Christ the Servant Parish at Our Lady of Peace Church

My prayer is that as you come to know us here at Christ the Servant, you will experience in our parish and school a welcoming family. We invite you to pray and celebrate with us, sharing in the enthusiasm and passion that comes with bringing the mission and ministry of Jesus to our acre of God’s world that we dedicate to Christ the Servant, Our Blessed Mother, Our Lady of Peace and to Saint Paul the Apostle to the Nations.

Msgr. Lewis F. Gaetano, D.Min.
Administrator and Pastor of Christ the Servant Parish

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    Christ the Servant Parish is a proud supporter of Catholic Education and is the site of Holy Cross Academy at Our Lady of Peace Campus. Please click here to view our website and learn more about the school and how a Catholic Education would benefit your child.


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    “The terrible massacre that has taken place in Orlando, with its dreadfully high number of innocent victims, has caused in all of us, the deepest feelings of horror and condem-nation, of pain and turmoil before this new manifestation of homicidal folly and sense-less hatred. We all hope that ways may be found, as soon as possible, to effectively identify and contrast the causes of such terrible and absurd violence which so deeply upsets the desire for peace of the American people and of the whole of humanity. “ Pope Francis

    Our Holy Father Francis, when speaking here in the United States, reminded us that each of us has been given life as a gift and responsibility. “ The future freedom and dignity of our society depends on how we face these challenges. “
    “The innocent victim of abortion, children who die of hunger or from bombing, immigrants who drown in the search for a better tomorrow, the elderly or the sick who are considered a burden, the victims of ter-rorism, wars, violence and drug trafficking, the environment devastation by man’s predatory relationship with nature. At stake in all of this is the gift of God, of which we are noble stewards but not masters.”
    “It is wrong, then to look the other way or to remain silent. “

    “Brothers and Sisters: Though faith you are all children of God in Christ Jesus, for all of you who were baptized into Christ have clothed yourself with Christ. There is neither Jew or Greek, there is neither slave or free per-son, there is not male and female; for you are all one in Christ Jesus. St. Paul to the Galatians 3



    Baby Wisenbarger and Baby Thompson were baptized on 06/12/16


    Congratulations to our 2016 Confirmation Group

    Come join us 

    Vacation Bible School

    6-8:30 PM

    July 25-29, 2016

    Seton Hall

    Christ the Servant Parish

    833 39th Street NW

    Canton, Ohio 


    Register by Monday, July 18, 2016 

    Preschool - entering 5th Grade

    Cost: $5.00 donation

    Light supper included.


    Registration forms are also available in the back of Church and at the Parish Office.

    For more information call (330)492-0757.











    Food Collection

    In October 2015, our ministry began a continual food collection that benefits two charities, Hope Outreach and Catholic Charities. Hope Outreach is a real presence of Christ along the Mahoning Corridor. Catholic Charities provides food and emergency assistance to the hungry in Stark County. Both of these charities serve “the least of our brethren.”

    We collect food at each mass on the weekends. All items need to be non-perishable including things like peanut butter, cereal, canned tuna and chicken, Vienna sausages, vegetables and pop top cans of beefaroni and spaghettio’s. We deliver the food on Tuesday. Our ministry group meets on the third Wednesday of each month at 7 p.m. For more information, call Rosemary Norton, 330-493-7443. Please remember to bring a food item to mass. Remember “just ONE feeds many.”

    Serving at Hope Outreach

    We have adopted the first and third Sundays of each month to serve at Hope Outreach. We don’t do any cooking but prepare items for serving the clients. This is physical work requiring standing, washing dishes and cleaning up. It requires about three hours of your time. If you can help us, please call Rosemary Norton, 330-493-7443.

    Refuge of Hope

    We also serve at Refuge of Hope on the third Thursday of each month from 5 to 7 p.m.

    This is physical work requiring being on your feet for at least two hours and cleaning up. If you can help with this project, please contact Michael Fete at or call 330-697-5716

    Meals on Wheels

    Our ministry has adopted a dedicated route in our parish area for Meals on Wheels. This requires a two-hour commitment once a month from 11 a.m. to 1 p.m. You must be able to get in and out of your car, climb stairs and deliver meals to clients. We currently have enough drivers, but if you are interested in being a substitute please contact, Chris McDonnell at 330-497-9089









    Christ the Servant Parish
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